How to Become a Couple For Life

What does a fulfilling life partnership look like? How does it work? What makes it successful? Few of us can answer these questions with clarity. Most of us want a fulfilling relationship as a Couple For Life and have little idea of how to create one. Even couples in successful long-term relationships have little insight into why they […]

The Most Important Relationship Skill is NOT Communication!

By David Steele, Founder of Relationship Coaching Institute The single most important relationship skill is not communication, it’s taking ownership. Successful relationships require taking ownership of your “experience.” WHAT IS YOUR “EXPERIENCE?” Your “experience” is what happens inside your body and your mind in response to events. It is composed of your thoughts, emotions, and […]

Commitment: The Path to Relationship Happiness

by David Steele, Founder of Relationship Coaching Institute I recently realized that in more than 30 years as a counselor, therapist, and coach, I have never been able to help anyone who wasn’t committed to what they wanted. Having a strong rescuer/hero complex, for many years I tried for a 100% success rate helping couples […]

Solvable Vs. Unsolvable Relationship Problems

By David Steele. Relationship issues can generally be divided into “solvable” and “unsolvable” categories. Solvable relationship problems are generally related to your Needs. The most common relationship needs are Emotional and Functional. Your emotional needs are what you need to feel loved. Your functional needs are what you need for your life to work in […]

Elements Of A Healthy Relationship

By David Steele. Most of us want a fulfilling lifelong partnership with someone to love and be loved by. Those that say they don’t want this have usually been seriously wounded in their important relationships. They are protecting themselves, but underneath their defenses they too long for love. Through my life and my work I […]

Top 5 Communication Tips For Couples

By David Steele. Use The 3 Magic Words of Listening —“Is there more?” For most people, listening is far more challenging than talking. If you do nothing else, being attentive to what your partner is saying and using these 3 magic words will make you a star listener. Try it! Are you wondering what the […]